Our Story


We started Sofresh in 2015, building the specifications of our milk according to how our baristas and customers wanted their coffee drinks to taste. One thing we were certain of, it had to be natural and additive-free. This would bring out the taste of coffee in the best way.


To get true, honest feedback, we sat with baristas, café owners, and coffee aficionados, taking in their comments and improving our product as we went along (Thank you to all the kind souls who gave us all the feedback!).


We made friends, we grew our expertise and knowledge, and we also shed some tears. Nevertheless, Sofresh was shaped through our interactions and experience in this amazing coffee culture and community; it has been our mission to always strive to give premium quality milk, and service for the F&B industry. Ever since we started, we’ve grown our call center customer service and our logistics team to serve our growing customer needs. And we are happy to serve some of the best cafes around Bangkok. So give us a call if you need- we are always open to have a chat!