Why barista love our milk?


Sofresh is a milk crafted for Baristas. That has been the goal ever since we started. How do we find that perfect balance between flavor, body and functionality?


We decided to go ALL NATURAL, no additives, no powder, no funny business. Just great milk, and an advanced technology to keep the milk as fresh as possible.

The Perfect Formula


Our milk contains a well-balanced amount of fat and protein, which comes from the feed that our cows eat. This adds to the body, taste and texture in drinks.


With a higher percentage of protein, the milk froths easily, and holds longer. Baristas love our milk because the balance contributes to a well-rounded coffee taste, without overwhelming its aroma.

Why we’re fresh.

Feed with Love


Here at Mingo Sofresh, we feel strongly about milk quality and promoting sustainable food systems. Therefore, our milk is sourced from local co-operatives.


Our partners provide high quality feed to the local co-operatives. Thus, the cows are able to grow to become strong and healthy, and produce milk of unprecedented quality.

4 degrees celcius


The milk is immediately kept at a minimum of 4 degrees celcius at the collecting center, and selected and graded based on quality. Once they satisfy our requirements, they are sent immediately to our factories to be packed.


There are strictly no added additives in our milk, and only the best grade is used to ensure consistent quality.



With asceptic filling and extended shelf life technology, we make sure our milk is packed in the utmost hygienic environment. Our milk is able to stay fresh for longer periods of time!