What makes Sofresh froth so well?

Our concept of an all-natural milk means there is no added milk powders in our milk. Also, as we select higher quality milk for Sofresh, this means that the higher percentage of protein in the milk makes Sofresh froth well and hold longer.

How long can Sofresh keep after opening?

After opening Sofresh, please consume within 7 days (before the expiry date).

Do you have Sofresh in other sizes?

We realize that the 2 L format is the best size for baristas as it is not too heavy to pour, and large enough to keep up with café volumes every day. Therefore, we do not have other sizes yet.

Why is it so hard to find Sofresh Milk?

Honestly, as Sofresh is a premium quality milk, it takes time to take care of the quality. We also want to provide Sofresh as an affordable ingredient, so we decided to sell direct to customers. We hope that in the future, we will find a way to make Sofresh more easily available in retail stores!

Can we freeze milk and defrost it to use?

By freezing and defrosting the milk, the milk would lose all its beautiful structures, making it difficult to froth. Therefore, please keep the milk at the optimal temperatures of 4-6 degrees celcius.